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Indian Head Massage Training



Indian Head Massage in the Workplace

We have been successfully running the one-day workshop within organisations and for specific teams as part of their team building programme.

Benefits include:

  • Augment any 'well being at work' and 'work/life balance initiatives with a practical tool

  • Improves attendance management and adds more fun to the workplace

  • Enhances team spirit and productivity

  • Develops lateral and clearer thinking

Indian Head Massage Workshops

If you can arrange a group we will come to you

At each workshop you receive:

  • A comprehensive guide/handbook
  • Full certification  

Indian Head Massage

Jonathan and Margaret run One-Day Workshops nationwide. Perfect for real beginners and experienced therapists alike.

Indian Head Massage known as the Great Stress Buster, is a massage sequence that is perfect for friends and family or at the office. You will benefit from taking part in an experiential day practising and being practiced on in a small friendly class suitable for beginners and experienced therapists alike.

  • You will be awarded a certificate and given a written guide to the treatment on the day
  • You will learn the full 30 minute sequence in one day
  • It will be broken into it's four component parts, shoulders and arms, neck, scalp and face, making it fun and easy to learn
  • The Great Stress Buster, gives a wonderful feeling of healing relaxation
  • Relieves tension, headaches and a variety of scalp conditions
  • Works fully clothed and without the need for oils
  • Can be used as a great team building day and as part of an organisational stress management programme
  • This very popular sequence is the perfect compliment to any other therapies you may already offer

If you can arrange a group we will come to you.

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